Well in the couple of months I've been working at the Wheel I've already earned plenty of tips.

Jackie said when I started working there that if a tip is left on the table, it goes in the bowl to share between everyone (restaurant and kitchen staff), but if someone actually specifies that the tip is for you (or in the case of the other week, you and your associate in the restaurant) it's your discretion if you put it in the bowl or not.

Needless to say, the other week I put just short of £200 worth of tips (some notes, mostly pound coins and 50pence pieces) into the bank and treated myself to a nice new toy. A 4.8m PKD Combat (Proto) belonging to Si Bailey. Kev's got it just now but it isn't long until I can play with it myself!

A couple of weeks later and the tips are racking up again already but I've got to save these for something more constructive!