Restoring of Faith

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You might well have heard, Cadbury's have bought out a limited edition Wispa bar, a chocolate bar that I remember being my favourite from my early childhood years. Earlier today one of my housemates was eating a Wispa bar, and I nearly died - surely it couldn't be true? The Wispa bar was back among us?

 Anyway, it turns out that Morrisons has them on sale and they're selling out quickly. So I put on my boots and went up the hill, armed with a five pound note, ready to buy as many as I could (lets face it, if they are that popular I could easily make this fiver back on eBay, and if not, I have £5 worth of probably the best chocolate in the world).

When I got there I had a massive struggle (some may call this a quest, like finding the holy grail or something) to find where they were actually on sale, and by chance came across a 25-piece bag of Dairy Milk Treatsize "Pure Chocolate" on a buy-one-get-one-free offer. And so naturally I had to buy 50 chocolate bars for £3.

Now, I have only £2 left and realise this may be enough to buy 5 Wispas. I find a store attendent and he goes and gets a box from storage for me - and hands me 5 Wispa bars.

When I get to the checkout, much to my dismay I discover Wispa bars are actually 43pence each - meaning that 5 bars AND my 50 snacksize bars will take me over my £5 limit by 14pence. I apologise to the cashier, explaining my struggle, and face the fact I could have had more Wispa bars if I hadn't been so desperate for a combination of 50 dairy milk, Twirls and Cadbury's Bubbles bars(and yes, I am well aware this is just a slightly better formed Wispa bar but they're just not the same).

Then, something beautiful happened.

There was an old ish chap in the queue behind me. As the cashier told me I owed Morrisons £4.something he nudged my arm and held out his hand - containing a 20 pence piece. This was plenty enough for the fifth Wispa bar AND Cadbury's Mix bag; so I asked him if he was sure and he said "Yes I'm quite sure," and gave me the 20pence piece. I couldn't be more grateful to this man. By giving me this 20 pence piece he has given me another bar of chocolate, but he's also restored my faith in the fact that there are good things in the world too - some people are kind enough to help someone else out, even if its only over a bar of chocolate.

Thank you Morrisons Man. One day our paths may cross again and I will repay the favour - maybe you will be 14pence short of buying your favourite chocolate bar?

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What a lovely tale.... although £5 worth of chocolate probably isn't the most healthy way to spend a fiver! But so nice to know there really are good people left in the world :-)