A few days ago I posted about a random act of kindness from a stranger and how happy this made me.

Today, after getting up and deciding I was too lazy to rush getting out of the house to walk to Menai Bridge I went to catch the bus outside Morrisons. When it finally came it turned out the return fare was £3.something and all the change I had was a ten pound note. Just as the driver was about to turn me away from the bus journey a young man in the queue behind me offered me the 10p to make the change nice and easy for the bus driver to work out, and I was allowed to continue my journey.

I was talking to Haz about it and she says she read in a book that for every act of kindness you receive, you have to pass it on 3 fold (so my two acts of kindness now mean I owe some people out there 6 acts of my kindness) so it keeps on going. Obviously in the real world very few acts of kindness happen anyway and so nobody passes them on - but I am going to try and pass on some kindness to some other people in the world, be it lending them some change or helping rescue a cat from a tree or whatever.

On the way home I headed for the bus stop and Haz and Andy decided to come with me - but Jenny didn't have any bus fare. So I said I'd give it to her, I had plenty of change from the bus now so figured I might as well. When the bus came to pick us up, to my dismay it was a different company to the one I'd used to get over to Menai Bridge so my return ticked would have been wasted. But the kind driver let me on anyway.

Somewhere out there, 8 people (it would have been 9, but Jenny said my bus fare for her counted as one) should receive some kindness from me because the world has been so good to me today.