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Spending Money

Well, I really shouldn't have, but I've bought myself an 11m Best Yarga to get me back using de-power again, I don't know how I ever thought I'd be able to survive just using fixed power.

Check it out on 'the bay': Here

Its a hard decision to make…

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Well lately I've been thinking I need a new kite...  a de-powerable... flying Allys 12m at Llandona a few weekends ago was really sweet, and its so good to get such float and control and not having any worries about going for board offs etc. so I'm tempted to get a 11-12m LEI of some sort (reasonably high AR).

But then again, Allys board is nice too, customkiteboard... the lightest in the uk pretty much... and the handle and balance of it is lush for board offs, unlike his last one which was too narrow at the footpads and started to split apart (harhar). So a new board is tempting too, something similar (obviously not the same, I don't want to marry the bloke y'know!) to Allys.

But then again (getting the idea yet?) I also want to get myself my own race kites, be it slowly building a set of centurys or even better, some combats and just selling my car and limbs to buy a set outright.

This leads me onto the car, its doing well, considering its done some seriously long journeys recently (9 and a half hours to wallop anyone?), its developing more niggles slowly, specifically a strange rattling noise/knocking noise, which seems to have gone again for now, so maybe its fallen off... But on washing it the other day theres very miniscule bits of rust around the inside of the wheel arches, which can't be good, I have a strange premonition it'll not be cheap to keep on the road at MOT time in December - if it lasts that long.

So, given all that, any donations to the 'make kev wealthy' fund?

Not long now!

Well its not long now to the 24hour at Hoylake, (Click here for more info) am quite looking forward to it, meeting up with others I've not seen for a while, and basically racing again. Not to mention egging Leah on to do well too as its her first proper buggy event kinda thing!

New Hat

Well, I've been thinking about hats a lot lately (how strange), and after stealing Allys for most of Wallop weekend I purchased myself a Brown Trilby which fits perfectly and makes me look so sauve and sophistimikated...


Home at last.

That's it, my first year of Uni over in, well, a year probably, but it seems like so much less time. It feels like only yesterday I was unpacking my stuff in the room on Ffridd, now I'm unpacking it all again here for 3-4months.

 In that time I've seen friends change, made new ones, lost new ones, found old ones - I have my lovely fish (rest in peace, Dennis) - and watched the seagulls nesting.

 I've spent many MANY hours on the beach (perhaps too many hours in retrospect, but living near the sea you can't really turn it down) with some of the best company I could have picked.

But it's so good to be here!

This morning I watched a parent woodpecker feeding a chick from our bedroom window.

Sigh. I'm going to enjoy this summer.


Well as of yesterday thats all my exams finally out of the way!

Just my presentation to go now and hand in my essay (which I've pretty much finished anyway) and then I can go HOME.