November 2007 Archives

Hospital Trip No.1, Semester 1.

Well, Dad was laughing and joking before my return to Bangor speculating how long I could go without a visit to Gwynedd Hospital A&E and I think I did pretty well to make it this far.

 Last night We Are Scientists played in Bangor. My housemates and I have had our tickets booked since the 15th of September and we were all very much looking forward to walking 50 yards down the road to watch them play in Time.

 The doors opened at 8 and the two support bands played, I bought an "i are scientists" t-shirt and all was good. Then the Scientists came on; Jenny, Christie and I were 2 rows from the front.

 Now I'm all for a good time and wasn't too bothered by being wedged in and crushed by wave after wave of rampant fans because most of them were the same size as me - but Jenny and Christie are considerably smaller than I and most often found their faces wedged against someone elses sweaty back, so got pulled out. I didn't want to stay there by myself so got pulled too - thats when it happened.

 As the Security Guard lowered me, I think I was ever so slightly longer than he was expecting and he had to take a step back to get me down. This meant my fingers became wedged between his security-gurad-build frame, my camera and the corner of one of the speakers.

It didn't hurt to start with but then the pain set in to my right hand ring finger and it was the strong pain I've come to associate with breaking small bones. It swelled up pretty well and went a lovely shade of magenta compared to my other white fingers and the other security guards downstairs taped it together with my middle finger, we were bought free cocktails and went back into the crowd to finish watching WAS.

Afterwards we took a jolly up to one of my favourite places to spend time in Bangor, Ysbyty Gwynedd!

 The doctor there poked and prodded it, made me bend it (which I could do pretty well, because it was only the very end bone that was hurting) and decided oweing to the shooting pains up my hand and lower arm it was probably broken but there's no need to x-ray because they'd do the same thing if it was broken or not, and strap it together.

 So now I'm being advised to get an extension on my essay because I can't type properly (this alone has taken me damn near half an hour to write) by everyone else doing the essay (such a sense of comraderie, haha) and everything is taking longer because I'm much slower with my left hand - Maybe I should take a leaf from Kev's book and shout "I can't do it, I'm a cripple!"?