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On being a cripple.

Well its been just over a week now since I broke my finger. It's only a ring finger, you might think, because I sure did when I did it, but it's been significantly more debilitating than I imagined.

Firstly, your ring finger is very much a digit that goes without the appropriate recognition. Your thumb, deemed most important of all digits in the scientific world, allows you to grasp things easily. Your index finger is the main finger you use with your thumb, and is also good for poking people in the ribs. Your little finger is used to steady your grip on things, and your middle and ring fingers are just there for additional grip.

However, it turns out, I use my ring finger for typing (it is mainly my backspace and enter key finger, but it does other ones too when it's required) and its also the one I use for switching my laptop on. I use it for scrolling on the mouse pad (for instance, if I were highlighting text).

I currently can't:

  • Hold a pen and write properly.

  • Hold a knife to cut food properly.

  • Wash my hands.

  • Light the grill.

  • Use scissors.

  • Wrap presents.

  • And many more.

However, yesterday I noticed something very strange. My left hand has been used so much more this last week for a lot of things but now I'm beginning to use it without realising - I open my advent calendar with my left hand, I've started lighting the oven using the lighter with it, I switch on my laptop with the ring finger on my left hand now. I text more using the left hand than the right, I pick up cups to drink from with my left hand automatically (as a result, I've had to move the coaster (thank you Simon!) to the left hand side of my laptop rather than the right hand side). It's even getting to the point where I'm using my left hand to type for all the keys up to U, H and N to make up for the lack of keys my right hand now types, and my left hand and right hand are on equal usage terms for how I stab the space bar.

Pictured below is an example of just how clever my left hand is getting. I got frustrated at making such a mess of the kiwi when I ate with the spoon in my right hand, so let my left hand have a shot.

The Kiwi

The Kiwi

Home again!

It's almost time for me to finish for Christmas already! The last year has flown by so fast with all its ups and downs and a-happenings.

 This week I've been mostly bored. I had one lecture on Monday (Coastal Management L2) and have had none since - so I've spent my time entirely waiting for late post (some undelivered, so some of my Christmas presents will have to be distributed after the festive season) and tidying up ready for leaving on Tuesday.

I have two more lectures - one more Coastal Management and a palaeoceanography lecture for Estuary Processes - on Monday.

I really can't wait to go home!


Today I came across an image during my internetly travels that reminded me of the Snowdonian Mountain Mole, and the Megasquirrel.

 It is of some archeologists recovering the bones of an ancient human in Saudi Arabia. It's quite a big project.

I guess its just one more entry to my library of pseudocreatures!

Big Human