April 2008 Archives

It’s that time again…

Spring is here, the weather's picking up, kiting days are becoming more and more often...

 I have a 10 000 word essay worth 40% of a module to do for two weeks time, I've got other courseworks (worth 10, 5 and 2%) due in a week, and exams are only a fortnight away.

Who organises courses so everyone's stuck inside when the weather's so good?!

Never mind. Summer's on it's way!

That dread feeling.

I think one of the worst feelings ever is that sensation of dread you get when you look in where you keep a pet, be a it a fish, a hamster, or a puppy, and you do your usual ritual of waking it up, only to be met with a kind of empty silence.

 Like last year, when Dennis (may he rest in peace) failed to be woken by my feeding or tapping gently on the side of the tank. It's such a horrid "oh no...." feeling.

Today I woke up after a surprisingly quiet night from Biscuit. I didn't think anything of it (I was ridiculously tired yesterday) until I went to get her out and she didn't move. I tried whistling, clicking, tapping the cage, rattling the food bag. Nothing worked.

 In the end I took one last stab at waking her before i opened the cage and opened the lid of her house. I blew a quick puff of air down the chimney.

The house jumped and an indignant nose peeped out.



I went to the doctors a fortnight or so after I crashed because of having permanent pins-and-needles sensations in my foot, and much "bigger" pins and needles when I put any weight on it. Kev kept telling me it was still bruised and not to put weight on it but they really didn't seem to be improving so I figured it might be because I wasn't using it, not wanting to consider it might be nerve damage.

 Unfortunately the doctors confirmed I've got quite significan nerve damage to my foot and I've been instructed (much to my disappointment) to remain on my crutches until the pins and needles go away.

 Bah. At least I've got Kev's leg excercises to do!