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Quick Catch Up

It's been a long time since Kev or I posted on here properly and a lot has happened!

The wedding went well - we had a wonderful day, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves! And so now we are officially Mr and Mrs Arlott. Thanks again everyone who could make it and for all the lovely gifts we were given, they were all very thoughtful and have all been used!

About two weeks after the wedding, I got a call from a company I had an interview with in January offering me the job (they turned me down initially, but thankfully remembered me when some more work came up!) and so at the end of April Kev and I moved down to the outskirts of Southampton to a little flat, in the servants quarters of an old Victorian mansionette. Charlie (of course) made the journey with us, but his super-cage-tank was damaged in the move - he was a bit miffed at spending the next couple of weeks back in his travel cage.

The flat is quite small but it's more than big enough for the two of us. The main building is surrounded by much of its original gardens, including an old vegetable patch gone wild, manicures lawns and some wonderful old trees (including but not limited to the biggest horse chestnut I have ever seen, some interesting oak varieties, a larch, a fir and a mighty Scots Pine, but sadly no lofty flowering cherries and I'm not sure about the plucky little aspen). Being on the second floor and surrounded by trees it's often a little bit like being in a fully kitted out tree house. We have bird feeders on the windows and get regular visits from blue-, great- and coal-tits and even a family of nuthatches (and, on one occasion, a spotted woodpecker).

We finally got around to replacing Charlie's cage about a month after moving in, instead of the same size opting for one 5 inches longer. Charlie loved to be back in his log again and continued enjoying his adventures, especially when he started to explore the whole flat (although on multiple occasions, and quite by accident, not in his ball).

In my job (Marine Geophysicist, then Senior Geophysicist the following year) I enjoyed processing a range of geophysical data including magnetometer, sidescan sonar and sub-bottom data. Sub-bottom is definitely my favourite and something that never ceases to amaze me, despite it being something I have spent the majority of my time processing.

Kev was offered a job later in the year with a pretty big company based in Frimley - it means an hour long commute for him but he insists this isn't a problem!

Putting so many miles on the W reg Astra meant it had it's ups and downs and in September 2010 it failed it's MOT. We replaced it with...Another white Vauhall Astra estate, slightly newer! This one had a mere 88k on the clock, but this later turned out to be someone had clocked it (although the seller, a dealer, denied all knowledge of it) and we think it had somewhere in the region of 120k when we got it, which is annoying.

We both started playing badminton with some of my friends from work which turned into a twice-weekly habit. We're both getting pretty good now and it's definitely helped the two of us keep fit.

In late November my works had a Christmas Party, and we got the excuse to dress up and have some fun with our new friends.

Christmas 2010 was spent up in North Wales - for a second year heavy snow covered the whole country and we managed to get some fairly impressive photos of Kev snowboarding on the beach at Black Rock Sands.

We spent the weekend after our first anniversary in Florence. What a beautiful and inspiring city! I am also trying to learn Italian in my own time, but motivation issues are slowing me down.

Sadly we lost Charlie in early August 2011, and gained Winter two weeks later- I will post about that separately.

September saw Kev compete in the Euros at Hoylake, and our first package holiday to Isola di San Pietro, in Sardinia. It made a nice change to be able to swim comfortaby in the sea - I have never swum in a warm sea before! We did a load of snorkelling, and Kev enjoyed using his prescription mask and being able to see the multitude of fish.

That pretty much brings us to where we are now - so much for a "Quick Catch Up"!!

Cursed Car

Well, as could probably be predicted from the history of costly issues with my car, once again on a trip down south I have to spend money to keep it going.

Previously one at a time over the last load of trips down south I've had to replace the battery, starter  motor, front brakes and now a puncture, all pretty standard and not major items, but they seem to come at the worst time money wise. One day I'll manage a trip down south without having to fix my car in some way or other.

Its a hard decision to make…

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Well lately I've been thinking I need a new kite...  a de-powerable... flying Allys 12m at Llandona a few weekends ago was really sweet, and its so good to get such float and control and not having any worries about going for board offs etc. so I'm tempted to get a 11-12m LEI of some sort (reasonably high AR).

But then again, Allys board is nice too, customkiteboard... the lightest in the uk pretty much... and the handle and balance of it is lush for board offs, unlike his last one which was too narrow at the footpads and started to split apart (harhar). So a new board is tempting too, something similar (obviously not the same, I don't want to marry the bloke y'know!) to Allys.

But then again (getting the idea yet?) I also want to get myself my own race kites, be it slowly building a set of centurys or even better, some combats and just selling my car and limbs to buy a set outright.

This leads me onto the car, its doing well, considering its done some seriously long journeys recently (9 and a half hours to wallop anyone?), its developing more niggles slowly, specifically a strange rattling noise/knocking noise, which seems to have gone again for now, so maybe its fallen off... But on washing it the other day theres very miniscule bits of rust around the inside of the wheel arches, which can't be good, I have a strange premonition it'll not be cheap to keep on the road at MOT time in December - if it lasts that long.

So, given all that, any donations to the 'make kev wealthy' fund?

Oh the excitement!


The excitement that is travelling to and from university became unbareable these last few mornings, the ability to park in a new car park! Not only does it have a random attendent dude constantly watching the cars, but they'll also give your car a good powerwash for a few pennies! And so, my punto is once again gleaming, mum will be jealous because the local car wash has been broken for the last week or so.

My New Car

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Kevs Punto

As you can see above, this is my new car, a Fiat Punto 60SX 1998 S Reg. Bought for only £540 and it still runs a few weeks after purchase! :O :D

My Day

Well, you might not think a day in the life of a teenager would be very interesting... You'd be right, but hey, I won't be a teenager for much longer (well, ok, another load of months).

My day today consisted of lazing around at home, with the prospect of a lazy week ahead because Uni doesn't start back until next week for me. So while I had a bit of spare time I demolished the inside of my old car (Which I crashed quite impressively I must say). So now if anyone has any need for parts for a Fiat Seicento Sporting then get in touch ;).

You wouldn't think working on a freezing cold January morning with a load of spanners, screwdrivers and allen keys would be fun, but once you get into the swing of things and start seeing various parts of your car popping out and onto the ground ready to sell it starts to get you motivated and before long you've got everything from the seats to the belts, to the mirrors and sunvisors off, not to mention the speakers... which have miraculously moved into my Punto now... curious ;).

Anyway, the new car is also funky, although it has a strange knock from the nearside, the alternator belt has started to squeak again and the electric windows wiring needs a good looking over, I'm still pretty happy with what I got for my £540. Now all it has to do is keep working for the rest of the year and beyond!