On the Road Again.

Tomorrow is my last day working at the Mill Wheel. I've really enjoyed it over the summer though it has been very challenging!

On Monday I catch the bus and then the plane up to Kev's house to chill out for a bit before the Euros on the 8th. After that I'm on my way back to Bangor, where there is a double bed in a house full of people I don't really know waiting for me, along with the kite club, the dive club and all my friends who I've not seen over the summer.

I've enjoyed summer here as much as bad weather and some situations have allowed. The other day we had a shrew in the house that took so long to catch! I doubt, somehow, we'll have shrew-issues in Bangor though you never know haha.

I'll miss the shrews and the tawny owls (we saw one the other night, but had two on the foor a couple of weeks ago), the newts (when we had a bonfire last week we rescued about 50!) and the toads. But I'm looking forward to the beach and the mountains and, of course, a double bed!