Travelling Hamster

Well on the 9th of October Leah and Kev packed my things up and stuck me in the big noisy motorhome and we went for a very long drive! I'm not a great fan of travelling.

Firstly we went down to the Sands of Luce. It wasn't so bad, although I got put in a cupboard and all I could hear all night while I tried to concentrate on my running in my wheel was Tom snoring! The second night though was much cooler and I had to make a big nest in the base of my house - I piled all the wood shavings high and snuggled down into them with my tissue paper and it was ever so cosy.

Then we drove some more, and came back home. I thought "Brilliant! I can stop this being chilly in the big noisy thing and enjoy some running around the house in my ball." So I enjoyed the evening - but then in the morning we were off again!

This was a much longer drive and I was really hoping it was going to stop soon when it did. We were at Chris' house! I like it there because I can wander about and enjoy the fireplace being all warm and cosy. The house is like a giant hamster-nest for people, although I personally find it doesn't smell as nice as my manly-hamster odour like my nest does.

We stayed there for a bit and then the big noisy thing came back and we went off again! Although not too far this time before we came to a nice stop in Cheshire for the evening. Well, I enjoyed a hearty run in my wheel again that evening! The next morning I was running about all over the living room of the motorhome - around the table and I even tried to climb the curtains. I think everyone was surprised when I worked out how to get out of the top of my cage - they kept putting me back in so I kept doing it again to prove how strong I am!

That day we drove about a lot, although at first this was punctuated by a lot of short stops. Then we did one big journey back home again. I was tired after this so I slept for a long time that evening.

So, to my Hamster Miles:

Hamster Miles to Date: 286.56 miles
Hamster Miles This Trip: 749.99 miles

TOTAL HAMSTER MILES: 1036.55 miles/1668.17 km