On Sunday Kev and I journied to Pets At Home to buy a few plants for the new tank to occupy the ever hungry Dennis and Owyn. We returned with three new fish (White Cloud Mountain Minnows!), a new plant and a fake plant for them to hide in. They're not really any bigger than fry just now so we have waited to move the terrible two over for a week or so.

This morning I awoke to a disaster. In the night, one of the minnows in its sleep slowly drifted towards the filter, wherein he got stuck in it front end first, and as a result, drowned. RIP Fishy. We'll miss you.

Prison Break

Jeez' they just keep making the plot twist and turn, Prison Break is possibly one of the best tv dramas around just now. If anyone hasn't seen it, get watching All of Series 1, and Series 2 up until present is online.

Oh... and my hair colour has changed... more permenantly (for now)... Await piccys!

BUKC Demo Day

Yesterday came the day of our first "event", and while it was unofficial it was well organised, safe and everyone had fun.

 We met up at Morrisons at about half past 11, in total there were 12 or so of us travelling down in 5 cars - we could have gone down in less but we were not sure as to how many were going to turn up! Jenny and the Canoe Club guys went slightly ahead of us but Rich, Liam and Kev and their passengers drove down in convoy. The boys managed to stay together despite a few boy racer moments winding each other up!

We arrived about 1pm, the wind was blowing about 10 knots and so we got the Pw out for a play while we waited for the others to find us and Rich and I went through the basics with some of the ones who were there - wind window, basic steering and some important safety considerations - and Kev started setting up the bigger toys (after a quick play) and the buggies.

We then got the BBQ's ready thanks to our top chef Liam and Kev took people out for rides in the tandem buggy. Much fun was had by all in that department! After the tandem rides we got some kites out and had people learning how to fly four line kites- the Canoe Club guys did their own thing while Kev ran some proper lessons near the dunes.

People picked it up really fast - some more than others- and the Century Soulfly's once again proved their awesomness. Jenny made a friend in my own favourite - the 2.5m - and other people used sizes between 1.8m and 4.5m. The wind tried to drop off a couple of times but it soon came back to make sure we carried on having an awesome day!

Liam at Black Rocks.

At the end of the day we all went into Porthmadog for chips(well, the 3 cars of the origincal convoy!). We then went to Tesco's for petrol, Rich went ahead and Kev and Liam stayed fairly close for the rest of the way home.

An absolutely awesome day was had by all who attended, and we hope that word of mouth will do its thang and get Bangor Uni Kite Club up and running!


The other day on our many walks to Dean Street we were met by some builders in their little orange jackets and their little white hard hats waving their arms about.

Apparently after the visitations of Talpa Snowdonia the other week, and the assesment of high risk of subsidence in the area, nobody listened (as was their want) and in typical fashion they carried on. Early one morning, earth tremours resulting from a passing mole or from the fault line in the Strait, caused one of the previous mole tunnels beneath the car park to collapse. This took at least 3 workmen and one cat digger by surprise.

Post Mole Subsidence


Nothing much has happened in the eat-swim-eat-swim-watch quietly world of Dennis and Owyn since my last post.

 That is, until today! Ha-ha!

I bought a tank for £10 from a guy in Ocean Sciences. It is an 18l tank (so bigger than their current 10l tank) with an air stone and a filter - the air stone I won't use very often just once a week or so.

New home.

 While they themselves haven’t moved yet, the plant I bought them the other week has. Hopefully this will give it chance to grow before it is attacked again (see picture for its present state). I've also put my beach pebbles in the bottom because they were taking up a lot of room on my window ledge. While I like pretty beach pebbles, they look better wet anyway so I thought I might as well.

Just thought I'd keep you posted with the exciting life of my goldfish.

Giraffe in my Loft!

Well, what can I say, Weebls Stuff is a site which has provided such legendary cartoons such as the Magical Trevor series and their advert for the Weebls Plushies.

One of their latest is just as legendary, I present, Giraffe in my loft! 


Well, I'm sure some of you may be aware of the site that is 'youtube', I won't rave on about it, because theres so much rubbish on it, but then again, there are some real gems that you can't help but smile at, here are two slightly related ones I found hilarious lately:


Tickle Me Elmo on fire, the electronic voice and way it shakes is in my opinion, sadistic comedy at its best!

And its counterpart (found shortly after while searching for the above vid again)


Those who know the term 'Emo' and the image, you're sure to find this funny, but it is getting old now... hey ho!

Kite club update.

Well, our first "meeting" went well today - we had a really good turn out for saying its just a quick hello and whats going off, so now we're organising when (and where) we can give people a bit of an introduction to it and generally get the club started.

 It's looking good though!


The other day on the way back from a lecture I noticed that there were some daffodils in one of the flower beds on Ffridd. This made me smile, 'cause it means its almost Spring, and the warmer weather's on its way, but mostly 'cause I love the daffodil because its so pretty, yet so simple.

Yesterday walking to a lecture with Wendy I noticed on Glanrafon that one of the trees is blossoming already, and then later that there are lots of crocuses starting to open there too.

Today, after a disaster regarding my bank account and a run down the Hill to Nationwide to see what's happening (to no joy, they say they can't tell me until tomorrow) again I noticed yet more daffodils and crocuses and trees starting to blossom.

Just as I got to the front door of the block about 5 minutes ago, I heard a sound that definitely means its getting warmer.

The first Ice Cream Van of 2007.



 Last Tuesday at the club we organised a boat outing for today because we all needed to get out and do something. I was allowed to be boat crew/assistant dive marshall for the day cos I can't dive. We said we might take divers out but chances were slim as the forecast was appauling and it was the Spring tides, so viz would be about as far as you could see if you put your hand in front of your bit closer....thats it, but that would be exaggerating on how much you could see. These are the Strait's we're talking about, and viz isn't often fantastic at the best of times.

On Thursday the wind was very windy and we decided not to take divers out, because it would be "like putting your head into a putting your head into a pan of very cold and quickly moving soup" and then on Saturday (yesterday) we decided we would afterall, 'cause the forecast was spot on.

We went out today, there wasn't a breath of wind and it was gloriously sunny, we threw Rach, Ian and Virginia in and then pulled them out again, as the viz was genuinely appauling. Then Jules and Daniel got in, just 'cause they thought they'd give it a shot, then we pulled them out and just settled for a quick play up through the swirlies. I had a great day being boat crew. I didn't get wet and cold in my snuggly drysuit in the sunshine.

I just thought you'd all like to see a picture.