Prison Break!


I've just realised that possibly the best modern US drama: Prison Break, is being aired tonight on Fox, I must say I can't wait to watch the new series. Great plot with lots of twists that always leaves you wanting the next episode.

The last two series' can be found Here.

My Day

Well, you might not think a day in the life of a teenager would be very interesting... You'd be right, but hey, I won't be a teenager for much longer (well, ok, another load of months).

My day today consisted of lazing around at home, with the prospect of a lazy week ahead because Uni doesn't start back until next week for me. So while I had a bit of spare time I demolished the inside of my old car (Which I crashed quite impressively I must say). So now if anyone has any need for parts for a Fiat Seicento Sporting then get in touch ;).

You wouldn't think working on a freezing cold January morning with a load of spanners, screwdrivers and allen keys would be fun, but once you get into the swing of things and start seeing various parts of your car popping out and onto the ground ready to sell it starts to get you motivated and before long you've got everything from the seats to the belts, to the mirrors and sunvisors off, not to mention the speakers... which have miraculously moved into my Punto now... curious ;).

Anyway, the new car is also funky, although it has a strange knock from the nearside, the alternator belt has started to squeak again and the electric windows wiring needs a good looking over, I'm still pretty happy with what I got for my 540. Now all it has to do is keep working for the rest of the year and beyond!

Lazy-beams and Sand

Ok ok I'll put something else up :p

Bekah and I spent most of today revising for our Oceanography exam on Wednesday. You're crazy, I hear you cry, why not revise for tomorrows Observing the Coastal Environment exam? My answer is, because it's a physical impossibility.

When I took my folder down earlier to start revising, I realised that OCE consists of 6 A4 sheets of paper with some very vague notes and some rather elaborate doodles. This came of very little surprise, as I don't actually remember the content of any of the lectures (apart from the two days when we went to the beach, because they were fun) (oh, and the first lecture which was "Get to Know your Peers" which involved chocolate biscuits) and Bekah hasn't got any notes either.

At this point we decided that we'd rather spend time constructively (talking mostly about underwear and complaining about OCE, and in Bekah's case, the cleaner in our flat) and started revising for Oceanography, which very much unlike OCE we actually have a lot of notes for and will take considerably more revision to learn.

Tasty. Not.

Well Kev had this Amazing Idea for me to be able to write on here somewhere so I thought I'd better write something.

I was going to have fajhitas for tea tonight, I remembered to get the chicken out of the freezer (which was some acheivement) and even bought a red pepper and an average sized onion. I cut everything up and cooked it, and tried to defrost the tortillas, much to my dismay (and growing frustration) they were not heating up in any way, shape or form.

After trying to eat the half-warmed tortillas with filling and a small temper tantrum, I resorted to throwing the whole lot in the bin.