Playing with Fire

Playing with Fire

Well, during the time Leah was 'oop north! at new year I had a play with my new cathedral fire poi and fire skipping rope (hardcore ;)). And since I'd got picture uploads working on the new blog I thought I'd throw a pic online. Hopefully I'll get some more fire'y action while down in Bangor at the weekend.

My New Car

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Kevs Punto

As you can see above, this is my new car, a Fiat Punto 60SX 1998 S Reg. Bought for only £540 and it still runs a few weeks after purchase! :O :D


It has occurred to me that I have quite expensive tastes when it comes to buying a lot of things.

My two favourite hobbies, kiting and scuba diving, incidentally have to be two of the most expensive sports I know of.

When I go into a shop, look through a catalogue, usually the first jumper/necklace/bed that grabs my attention is either the most expensive one in the sale, or just the most expensive one.

As far as food goes, I love eating "proper" meals (not this pre-cooked rubbish), I won't eat cheap-pizzas, I only eat certain kinds of margerine/tomato sauce/spaghetti hoops/smoothies etc and recently I've had the desire to eat smoked salmon.

My only hope is that I do not take up another expensive hobby or have a sudden desire to eat caviar.


And so today began Semester 2.

Maffy and I walked down to Aldi after registering where I bought chocolate muffins, and good master Maffy purchased a sandwich, a bar of whole nut chocolate and 5 small cartons of orange juice.


 We found our way to the lecture theatre and ate our food just outside- Maffy decided that, in good custom, he should stamp on one of the cartons to produce an explosive sound!

"Why!" I exclaimed. "We shall have none of that foolery in the lecture hall. Take it outside if you so wish to be such a heathen!" (which roughly translates as "Take it outside if you want to make a racket. I don't know you.") Whereupon young Maff said "It is not necessary, I will save one of my other cartons after our hours of education and I shall have a simply spiffing time following physics when I shall use my weight to pop the carton!" And so our lectures commenced.

Later, towards the end of our final hour today of physics, Maffy drew a small face on the carton he intended to crush. "Hello Leah." Spoke Maffy from behind the carton. "I'm Eric the Orange Juice Carton." This caused one to draw a small name label on it. 'Eric' then continued watching the proceedings of the tutorial with as much interest as it is possible for a small carton to behold.

At the end of the lecture, the Time of Doom arrived for Eric. As we walked down the corridor to the main doors, Maffy, holding eye contact with the smiling face of Eric, said "Why must you be so cruel oh Lord, for I have become emotionally attached to the carton called Eric and his cute face and big blue eyes! I must now keep him, I can never kill such an innocent looking carton of juice!" At which point the Lord spaketh (but only to Maffy, I didn't hear him, he must have been whispering) "Lo, do not end the life of the Carton called Eric - you have a 5th and final carton in your bag if you still wish to commit acts of destruction!"

And so, Eric and his smiling face watched the imminent death of his fellow carton as it was compressed by the weight of a teenage boy and promptly exploded across the pavement.

Thus ends the story of the highlight of my day.

Oh, and there was some fencing around the car park we walk through today, that said "Children's Play Area Closed For Refurbishment. We Apologise For Any Inconvenience Caused. Thank You" which we found very funny, since its a car park. I have a picture if you're really interested!

Dennis and Owyn’s latest adventure

Yesterday, Dennis and Owyn had a bit of excitement in the bowl in that I bought them a new plant. They didn't much like it at first but are now quite happy with it and they haven't managed to kill it yet like the last one.

Just thought I'd let you all know.


Well, yesterday I finally finished my first semseter exams. Physics went considerably better than I anticipated and Minerals, Rocks and Soils went ok I guess! The first few questions were a bit weird but the essay questions seemed ok - a bit strange because its usually the other way around.

To celebrate, Bekah and I went and bought chocolate and DIY Gingerbread men from Tesco's. We promptly spent the afternoon decorating them (and giggling).


Well my timetable is finally been released (thank god) and looks busy for a change, I'm actually supposed to be in EVERY single day, compared to only 3 or 4 days each of the last semesters.

Ah well, not the end of the world, at least Business Multimedia will be easier, considering its all things I've done before almost. Even though it is a level 3 topic :S.

Fish Update

Just so everyone knows, I gave Dennis and Owyn some hard boiled egg yolk yesterday which caused a bit of a fight but they made it up eventually.

Dennis appears to have lost his amour for Owyn (thankfully) and their usual eating-anything-in-the-tank-and-swimming-about behaviour has, for now, resumed.

Four down - two more to go!

Well, yesterdays Observing the Coastal Env. exam went as well as could be expected, based on the lack of notes and randomness of the questions!

I spent much of yesterday afternoon desperately trying to get to grips with Oceanography, apart from the 3/4 of an hour I was asleep and the hour or so in which I stopped to eat some food.

Went into the exam today feeling half confident of passing, loads of my lecture-friends thought they'd be out as soon as the initial half-hour passed, but none of them went! However, there was a small exodus at 9.30 of people who were either really clever and managed to answer the paper in less than half an hour, or wrote little more than their name before staring at the clock.

I stayed in for a full 65 minutes! I was quite impressed. Very, very pleased that the first topic I revised was actually the entire first question. At least I've got a few marks! Can't say the same for the rest of the paper but we'll see!

Two more exams to go now, Physics tomorrow morning and then Rocks, Minerals and Soils on Friday. I can barely contain my excitement.

Fishy Business

In response to Kevin being sarcastic about my goldfish.

When I went away at Christmas, they had a very exciting time living in Rich's room and eating their living plant.

They like hard boiled egg yolk and bread (the staler the better) and Dennis is currently very interested in Owyn, even though they are both male, which is of some concern but hey, it wouldn't do for us all to be the same now would it?