Had physics just this morning, as you can tell I'm out considerbly earlier than I should be (it isn't due to finish until 10.34am) but I couldn't remember any of the formulae.

I did try and revise but it wasn't sinking in. Now all I have to do is sit down and make sure I do really well in my last two!

Urgh, I hate physics!


A while ago (about a month and a half before the Easter break) I was looking for a copy of a book, "The Curious Clownfish" By Eric Maddern. I searched high and low for a copy and couldn't source one - when I stumbled across an address for Mr Maddern I thought why don't I write and ask him? If anybody knows where I could find a copy of the book, surely it'd be the author?

Weeks went by without any reply. I searched all over bookshops online and bookshops in Derby to no avail.

I found a place that had a copy eventually and I bought it for about £3.

 Yesterday something very strange happened.

Sam went into Security to check his post and the guy checked for me as well (they know me by name and room number, I can't think why) and he came out with a parcel. For me.

Inside was a leaflet for Cae Mabon, where Mr Maddern works/lives in Snowdonia, a postcard - and the book.

I felt so special getting that parcel. It means so much to me that Mr Maddern did write back to me and even included a copy of the book, which he signed, and a lovely postcard.

Simple things can make us happiest I guess.



Just to let you all know, Dennis and Owyn did survive the Easter break - sorry I haven't written about it.

 I got back and the tank was green - but I soon saw two big orange blobs moving about inside. I whipped the lid off and tried to find the minnows but I couldn't!

I figured they'd died and the others had eaten them - but then I saw one right down at the bottom - at least I had one left!

A couple of days later I thought I saw two of them together so I had another good nosey but could still only see one. Then I saw both of them!

I'm really pleased they all survived - I will miss them next year though! The house I am living in on Bitch Hill won't allow us pets.

One more.

Key Skills this morning was ok - apart from one question where it was the most ridiculous question in the world and another where I remember the lecture consisting of Simon drawing mathematical rocket penguins being fired from a cannon.

The stupid question didn't give any figures to work with apart from one sediment density and asked us to work out the weigh in kilograms of all the sediment in the English channel. Hmm. Some people didn't answer it, some people did but made figures up (like me and Simon).

Ah well. Now I have to revise for Physics on Monday then luckily I can take a bit of a break (though I will still revise for Chemistry and Biology, because I'll fail if I don't) in time for Wallop.

Only three more to go!


Took the GPS out in the buggy today - did some really fast runs, went to check the device and it'd lost signal in my pocket! The wind died off but I clocked 21.5mph after that which I'm pleased at!

 Sam had the chance to go to Wallop today and he didn't even though he said he would, and Liam said he won't go because he told Sam ages ago if Sam wasn't going neither was he. Ric won't go because he's got exams.

Tut tut. I'm really looking forward to it. At least it will mean more buggy time for me and one less person to hit on the field!


Isn't that such a good word?

I'm doing a lot of it lately. Facebook, the blog, tidying my room - it all tries to stop me revising.

I had my first exam yesterday - Earth and Atmospheric Processes - and I think it went quite well. There were some half decent Earthquake questions and a question on Warm Fronts - of which I'd gone over a few times not an hour beforehand which was lucky!

My next exam is tomorrow - Key Skills for Oceanographers. When I've eaten my breakfast this morning I will start revision for it and Physics, which is on Monday.

After that I have Physical Oceanography on the 31st (after Wallop. Urgh.) and then the day after I have Chemistry and Biology in the Environment. After that its time to chill apart from a pesky presentation to do for Smudge for Environmental Contamination.

Sigh. It doesn't get any easier.


It's that time of year again!

 It's only just over a week to go until Middle Wallop Kite Festival, the biggest kite gathering in Europe and probably the world - 900+ people attended last year to fly, buggy, board and socialise on 900acres of treeless grass on the airfield at Middle Wallop.

I didn't go last year because of Uncle Carl's wedding - and though I really enjoyed that weekend I did miss Wallop a lot. This year not as many people I know are going to Wallop but it should be an awesome laugh anyway because new people are going - Ally and Wee Andy!

At Wallop I'm doing a pilots licence test (it isn't a full pilots licence) so I can race in the 24 hour Endurance race for charity at Hoylake in June. I'm really nervous about this test because I'm not very confident with the buggy yet - although I'm greatly improving each time I go out!

I'm really excited about the Enduro- it's going to be hard work and I forsee us needing lots of snacks, drinks and red bull but it should all be good fun!

Now all we have to do is wait.


After reading an article in National Geographic at Easter I have been in awe. The article tells of a young leopards life as it grows up.

 When it gets a bit older it kills a baboon, then discovering a baby baboon clinging to the corpse crying. The leopard eats the adult and takes the baby high into a tree where it grooms it, takes it higher when it cries and even goes to sleep with it.

If this doesn't show compassion on Earth I don't know what does. I'm truly in awe that a creature designed for killing and eating other creatures would take responsibility of something in that way. I can't describe it!

 Another thing in nature I totally respect is commitment. From my bedroom on Ffridd I can see a building with a Herring Gull's nest on. One of the parents is on the nest permanently and the other is never far away - you don't go long without seeing them return. It's not just birds and nests its other stuff too - two animals who recognise each other and their role no matter what - yesterday it was blowing a gale and pouring it down with rain but that gull is still sitting there.

There are shed loads of other things I am amazed and inspired by - how the trees know when to wake up, the intricacies of flowers, flight, even the human hand, although ugly is fully functional - how many other creatures have the dexterity in their fingers to fold sheets, send a text and other daily things we really don't realise we're doing.

Nature is truly beautiful when you get down to it and I really wish more people would see it for how amazing it really is.


Lately I've been buying random wheels on ebay to make myself a set of disc wheels for my buggy for harder packed sand, and have discovered bmx mag wheels, which I've discovered have a big enough bore through their hubs to allow a 20mm bolt through with some clearance, and since the old mans now got his lathe just about working I purchased some Nylatron from theplasticshop.co.uk to create some bearing housings.

So far its going well, heres an example of one of the wheels as it stands at present:

Rolling Wheel


It's been so long since I had a good old rant about Morrisons!

 Two or three days ago I went in to buy some stuff to make fahjitas with - I had the tortillas and chicken but needed a pepper and an onion.

 To my disgust I found that red peppers, usually costing 55p, now cost between 80 and 90p.

Personally I think its shocking and I hope its just because its summer.