A few days ago I posted about a random act of kindness from a stranger and how happy this made me.

Today, after getting up and deciding I was too lazy to rush getting out of the house to walk to Menai Bridge I went to catch the bus outside Morrisons. When it finally came it turned out the return fare was £3.something and all the change I had was a ten pound note. Just as the driver was about to turn me away from the bus journey a young man in the queue behind me offered me the 10p to make the change nice and easy for the bus driver to work out, and I was allowed to continue my journey.

I was talking to Haz about it and she says she read in a book that for every act of kindness you receive, you have to pass it on 3 fold (so my two acts of kindness now mean I owe some people out there 6 acts of my kindness) so it keeps on going. Obviously in the real world very few acts of kindness happen anyway and so nobody passes them on - but I am going to try and pass on some kindness to some other people in the world, be it lending them some change or helping rescue a cat from a tree or whatever.

On the way home I headed for the bus stop and Haz and Andy decided to come with me - but Jenny didn't have any bus fare. So I said I'd give it to her, I had plenty of change from the bus now so figured I might as well. When the bus came to pick us up, to my dismay it was a different company to the one I'd used to get over to Menai Bridge so my return ticked would have been wasted. But the kind driver let me on anyway.

Somewhere out there, 8 people (it would have been 9, but Jenny said my bus fare for her counted as one) should receive some kindness from me because the world has been so good to me today.

Restoring of Faith

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You might well have heard, Cadbury's have bought out a limited edition Wispa bar, a chocolate bar that I remember being my favourite from my early childhood years. Earlier today one of my housemates was eating a Wispa bar, and I nearly died - surely it couldn't be true? The Wispa bar was back among us?

 Anyway, it turns out that Morrisons has them on sale and they're selling out quickly. So I put on my boots and went up the hill, armed with a five pound note, ready to buy as many as I could (lets face it, if they are that popular I could easily make this fiver back on eBay, and if not, I have £5 worth of probably the best chocolate in the world).

When I got there I had a massive struggle (some may call this a quest, like finding the holy grail or something) to find where they were actually on sale, and by chance came across a 25-piece bag of Dairy Milk Treatsize "Pure Chocolate" on a buy-one-get-one-free offer. And so naturally I had to buy 50 chocolate bars for £3.

Now, I have only £2 left and realise this may be enough to buy 5 Wispas. I find a store attendent and he goes and gets a box from storage for me - and hands me 5 Wispa bars.

When I get to the checkout, much to my dismay I discover Wispa bars are actually 43pence each - meaning that 5 bars AND my 50 snacksize bars will take me over my £5 limit by 14pence. I apologise to the cashier, explaining my struggle, and face the fact I could have had more Wispa bars if I hadn't been so desperate for a combination of 50 dairy milk, Twirls and Cadbury's Bubbles bars(and yes, I am well aware this is just a slightly better formed Wispa bar but they're just not the same).

Then, something beautiful happened.

There was an old ish chap in the queue behind me. As the cashier told me I owed Morrisons £4.something he nudged my arm and held out his hand - containing a 20 pence piece. This was plenty enough for the fifth Wispa bar AND Cadbury's Mix bag; so I asked him if he was sure and he said "Yes I'm quite sure," and gave me the 20pence piece. I couldn't be more grateful to this man. By giving me this 20 pence piece he has given me another bar of chocolate, but he's also restored my faith in the fact that there are good things in the world too - some people are kind enough to help someone else out, even if its only over a bar of chocolate.

Thank you Morrisons Man. One day our paths may cross again and I will repay the favour - maybe you will be 14pence short of buying your favourite chocolate bar?

Back in Bangor.

Well, I'm back, have moved into our 7-bedroom Victorian end-terraced house, begun to decorate, nearly finished setting up the club with the others and bought a t.v. I haven't really stopped!

 I got out the other day on my 4.8 Combat, I had a well deserved thrashing (face it, I was due one) but I didn't have the nerve to snap my ankle and have it pinned - I know if that had have happened I would never have heard the end of it (for having footstraps on my buggy, obviously). Haven't been out since and am beginning to get twitchy.

 Dive wise I haven't been in the water since Stoney, though to be honest the weather hasn't been fit for it here and the dive club haven't been very active.

I began to decorate my room the first weekend I was here - pale blue, white and "chocolate truffle" - but unfortunately some evil stomach bug (believed to have been caused by some dodgy ham) took my body on the Monday and I never got it finished. And now, I can't be bothered or the wind is too good.

The most exciting news I have is I bought a t.v. I did have an adapter for my laptop, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to want to receive terrestrial channels and only picks up about two decent digital channels and every shopping channel under the sun. So yesterday, when I saw a 14" t.v. advertised for sale on the discussion boards, I did buy it. I promptly spent the rest of the day watching rubbish.

 Soon it all starts to move quickly again - I'm busy every single week in November for some reason or another and my October weekends are quickly being booked - a good timetable (with lots of weeks off, for one reason or another) and an early finish for Christmas mean I'll be off for 5 weeks over the festive season and that's all pretty much booked up too! It's a busy life being a student...


I just read about this on a site about tetrapod zoology. Apparently it's a giant red squirrel they had to kill because it attacked a load of boy scouts in America. It's not just Snowdonia that has giant freaks such as the Snowdonian Mountain Mole...



Didn’t we have a lovely time…

The day we went to Bangor!

 On Wednesday I make my way back West towards sunshine and the seaside, as well as my kite club and a double bed! I've enjoyed the summer but I'm really looking forward to getting stuck back into Uni and the club, doing more diving this year than ever before and starting to race at Hoylake.

 I better go now anyway and get stuck into something constructive like packing my stuff up ready and formatting my laptop.

Bye for now! xx

European Championships

We now have a new European Champion Buggy Racer for 2007 until next year, when another Euros will happen in the Netherlands (we think).

 The start of the week went well and the Scottish Team travelled for 9 hours overnight to arrive at Pembrey Country Park early on Saturday morning. The forecast was for sunshine and no wind, all week, apart from Monday which had showers and 10-15mph forecast.

 With racing not due to start until Monday, all of the pilots made their way to be scrutineered and take two days of free practice to get weight, balance and wheel type right for performing their optimum in a race.

Monday came and there were 3 races held, the 3rd cancelled to airlift our very own Kev off the beach with a broken femur after a collision with another buggy.

With 2 races finished, a 3rd was needed minimum to verify a champion and when there was no wind the following three days pilots began to get fidgety that it would all have been a waste of time, money and effort to get there and have a chance at winning.

Friday came and thankfully so did the wind - there was only set to be one race on the Friday because of tide times, but because the rest of the week was so bad there were 3 races held.

Friday night came the closing ceremony and prize giving at a hotel in Llanelli and good fun was had by all - even the three injured Team Captains were awarded something and there was an auction. Partying continued into the night and everyone returned back to their place of origin on Saturday morning, tired but happy.

On the Road Again.

Tomorrow is my last day working at the Mill Wheel. I've really enjoyed it over the summer though it has been very challenging!

On Monday I catch the bus and then the plane up to Kev's house to chill out for a bit before the Euros on the 8th. After that I'm on my way back to Bangor, where there is a double bed in a house full of people I don't really know waiting for me, along with the kite club, the dive club and all my friends who I've not seen over the summer.

I've enjoyed summer here as much as bad weather and some situations have allowed. The other day we had a shrew in the house that took so long to catch! I doubt, somehow, we'll have shrew-issues in Bangor though you never know haha.

I'll miss the shrews and the tawny owls (we saw one the other night, but had two on the foor a couple of weeks ago), the newts (when we had a bonfire last week we rescued about 50!) and the toads. But I'm looking forward to the beach and the mountains and, of course, a double bed!

Fashion Police.

It occurred to me earlier that I am sad. What, I hear you cry? Leah, Queen of Fashion and all things good looking?

 Well a few weeks ago, when Frances was wandering about in her pink drysuit and pink BCD with pink cylinder cover etc, I realised that most of my dive kit is black or blue. But so is my kite kit (bar my kites, obviously, apart from my 4.8 which is black and mmm, but the Cent has a blue soulfly on it I guess).

And so, my mission to spend money on equipment that is mostly blue or black begins. May my days of red and black helmet, black jacket, red rucksack, camoflage trousers, blue gaitors and purple striped wellingtons be gone! Long live the era of sexy oversized black drysuits, pond weed filled hair or a sand covered face. As long as I coordinate.


Just a quick one really to note down that I've had some really trippy dreams lately!

 I know I had weird ones the other night, yesterday night I was dreaming about big ponds and fish and lizards and people wearing Kev's trilby, and last night was even stranger with a wolf turning into a man and giant aquatic badgers!

 Hopefully it's just the weather or something though they are pretty fun to remember.


Well in the couple of months I've been working at the Wheel I've already earned plenty of tips.

Jackie said when I started working there that if a tip is left on the table, it goes in the bowl to share between everyone (restaurant and kitchen staff), but if someone actually specifies that the tip is for you (or in the case of the other week, you and your associate in the restaurant) it's your discretion if you put it in the bowl or not.

Needless to say, the other week I put just short of £200 worth of tips (some notes, mostly pound coins and 50pence pieces) into the bank and treated myself to a nice new toy. A 4.8m PKD Combat (Proto) belonging to Si Bailey. Kev's got it just now but it isn't long until I can play with it myself!

A couple of weeks later and the tips are racking up again already but I've got to save these for something more constructive!