At this point in time I would like to point out that we have in fact had the first proper covering of snow this year in Bangor. It's not very deep but the clouds above Sunny Bangor are blacker than a black thing so we're all very hopeful it's going to continue.

Glanrafon is going to be evil to go down to get to physics so if I'm not about it means I slid all the way to the bottom and broke lots of bones.

When I was young….


I went to Morrisons earlier with the intention of buying some vegetables and some cheap food for tea. I took ten pounds out of the hole in the wall and proceeded to shop for stuff, some stir fry, a little cooked chicken. When I was young this wouldn't've cost £5. It's an outrage.

It's entirely possible that in my own mind I am omitting the fact that I also bought chocolate mousse and a bag of lollies at a pound each to cheer me up and I did manage to have change from the fiver and now at least have some pound coins to do some washing with, and I'm just being miserable because I've got a cold. I think I must have caught Man-Flu from David (who has spent the last three days going "Uuurrrrgh" and complaining about how he is on the doorstep of the Reaper himself) which is strange because I thought, being a girl, I would be immune to the deadly Man-Flu. Obviously not.

Hair Colour?

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Orange Hair

Blue Hair

Green Hair!

Well as some people may be aware I have been experimenting with various different hair colour sprays, my current thoughts on them are that they are pretty funky... :D. I do beleive that Orange and Blue are my favourite colours so far, the Blue seems to work best, but Orange, being such an infinately brilliant colour, is up there too. And green... well its like snot, and doesn't seem to work too well. I think Red will also be good, so wait on the edges of your seats for when I randomly decide to try it!

Random Photos

Icy Rocks

Well you might think with it being icy it'd put a stop to underwater photos in a lake high up in the mountains... But you'd be wrong, the ice was only about 5mm thick, and so with cold hands I held Leahs Pentax WP under the water to get this shot which was quite funky ;)

Poi On The Beach

Fire Poi... Night only activity? I think not!

Lab work

Would you beleive that basic access work with tables and queries is actually classed as 2nd year work at Caledonian university? And not only that but even more basic Powerpoint is considered 'Level 3' work! :O (I can see you fainting from here!).

I thought when we were offered options for this semester that taking an 'Intro to website development' would be a bit too easy for me, but it turns out that 'Business multimedia' is also just as basic. The only complex part about it seems to be that they want students to learn about basic flash animation, and even action script... Pity I've been playing with Flash since I was 14...

I can only hope that next year the work will be a bit more challenging.

Fish Update.

I noticed today how much bigger Dennis and Owyn are lately than when I bought them in October. They are fast becoming too big for their little beginner bowl and so soon I think I am going to have to invest in a larger tank.

 The new plant is still alive and well and they haven't eaten much of it so far, I think it's growing faster than they can eat it.

 That's all really. If you have a bigger tank please let me know!

The way the World smells.

Sometimes on our way to lectures we walk down Glanrafon and the smell from Morrisons kitchens lingers in the air.

 Some days, it smells like roast chicken, crisp, juicy and succulent. This usually happens on sunny days.

 Other days it smells like iced buns, doughey, sweet and sticky. This most often happens when its overcast.

I' don't know what happened the other day, because it smelled like iced-chicken or roast buns. I'm not sure which.

So much to do!

Well this year I decided that instead of cramming all my revision into a day or so before the exams, I'd make more effort to sort and read through notes as I did stuff just to retain that bit more information.

 So far this semester I've had all sorts to write, go over and read up on, as well as having loads of coursework to do, in-term examinations and then all my dive stuff for the club (ringing people, emailing people and talking to other people).

 Things were so much easier when I was lazy!

My Current Top Songs!

Well, felt like blogging now I'm back from Leahs and have too much free time, so heres some of my current favourite songs (and accompanying videos).

The Cooper Temple Clause with 'Waiting Game' 

The Dykeenies with 'Waiting for go' 

Billy Talent with 'Red Flag' 

And there we go, for now...

And so the New Year begins…

Well, I'm back from my Tuesday night at the Dive club meeting - followed by some giggling (including a Sports Diver lecture somewhere).

 It's a bit frustrating learning to dive when you can't actually do it. I spent the whole meeting writing down about when the club is next diving, what activities are planned, and knowing I can't do any of them until at least March. Humph.